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Ten fun facts about me

  • I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I’ve also trained in karate, modern arnis, thai boxing, and other cool martial arts.
  • These days I mostly just do a lot of yoga. Om.
  • There is a published non-fiction book dedicated to me.
  • I’m working on my own works of fiction and non-fiction.
  • Reaching back to my high school glory days: I’m still proud that the Francis Lewis High School softball team won the 2002 NYC championship and that I was named the city’s player of the year!
  • I’m a huge fan of the Liberal Arts and Sciences approach to education.
  • I have a totally cool five year old kid. <3
  • I (sometimes; poorly; joyfully) play the bongos. 🙂
  • My celebrity crush since 1996: Derek Jeter. Derek, if you’re reading this, let’s hang out!!
  • In our high school yearbook, in the space where we could state what we wanted to be when we grew up, my best friend entered “happy” (best answer ever) and I… wrote “Emperor of the World.” =D